Berkshire Ave northbound view
Berkshire Ave. Northbound View
Berkshire Ave southbound view
Berkshire Ave. Southbound View

Berkshire Ave. Extension

The timing for this project is 2022.
This project is being managed by Sand Creek Township in cooperation with Scott County and MNDOT.

This Project was created as a result of the TH 169 Sand Creek Corridor Study completed in January 2019.

You can find more details about this study by clicking the link below:
Update 3/3/2022: Design and Plan locked in. Project bidding to begin in June 2022 and construction is expected to start August 2022.
Update 8/30/2022: Construction began on August 8th and is expected to be completed by November 1st.
Update 11/2022: Project is complete.
Link to MNDOT Project web page:
TH 169 Overpass Design - August 6th, 2021 Image includes Berkshire Ave. Extension Plan